​Kitchen must-haves: 9 accessories you need ASAP

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Accessories are an absolute necessity to run any kitchen efficiently and effortlessly. For a stylish and chic kitchen, it is important to have these accessories handy, so that the functionality of the space is not compromised. 

Even if you don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen, these accessories will help you immensely when you do. And when guests come over and you have to put together something quickly, you will realise the importance of these items to the fullest. Here’s a look at what all you should get for your cooking haven today!

​Stick them on the fridge

Magnetic spice holders are incredibly handy. They come in perfect sizes and can be purchased easily from anywhere. You can either stick them to the refrigerator, or fix a magnetic strip to your kitchen wall to stick on your spice jars.

​Eye-catching kitchen linen

ferm LIVING Image Photos ferm LIVING KitchenAccessories & textiles

ferm LIVING Image Photos


Geometrical shades, unusual colour combinations, and funky prints for kitchen linen are a sure shot way to grab everyone’s attentions. Even you’ll love going into the kitchen more often with such fun accessories.

​Aesthetic tableware is a must

The crockery you use to eat and serve your food play an important role in ensuring dining table aesthetics. Use minimalist, stylish tableware to give your kitchen and dining space a sophisticated look. 

The set shown here has a clean design, is in a light colour, and comes with an assorted set of plates and bowls. A full set will ensure you don’t have to go running around to find matching knives and forks.

​Go unique with a tablet holder

Harch Tablet Holder Harch Wood Couture KitchenAccessories & textiles
Harch Wood Couture

Harch Tablet Holder

Harch Wood Couture

Are you one of those people who love trying new recipes? Watch your video tutorial on your tablet with this handy wooden stand. The stand protects the tab from slipping, stains or spills. 

You can closely follow the recipe while recreating the dish in your kitchen. This particular model is from the house of Harch Wood Couture, suppliers of kitchen and bathroom fittings in Dungannon.

​Storage on wheels

Not enough space in your kitchen to set up more cabinets? Try this multi-level storage shelf on wheels. The wooden frame comes fitted with metallic baskets to store fruits, veggies, spices and more. You can keep it near the countertop while cooking and push it back once you’re done.

​Bring in fresh herbs

Growing herbs in the kitchen is a great idea. You can access fresh herbs while cooking yummy meals and they will add a different dimension to the aromas and flavours. 

With these stylish wall-mounted planters in the kitchen, you can kiss goodbye to your store-bought herbs.

​Knives with an edge

No kitchen is complete without a set of good, sharp knives. Regardless of how often you cook, you should definitely invest in a set of quality knives which can enable you to chop, slice and dice with ease. 

Remember, whether you are a master chef or novice, everyone needs to julienne their vegetables correctly.

​Modern sinkware for a modish look

Picking a contemporary and fashionable sink is just as important as picking any other accessory for your kitchen. High tech fittings and fixtures are important to keep the kitchen neat, clean and smart. 

Today, there are so many options for taps and sinks, that you will be spoilt for choice as far as size, depth, design and material go.

​Quirky Wall Art

David Mellor Minimal Cutlery Hand Pulled Screen Print Lane KitchenAccessories & textiles

David Mellor Minimal Cutlery Hand Pulled Screen Print


All work and no play make the kitchen a dull place too. An oil painting of fruits or something like this cutlery art will completely transform your kitchen, and lend it a unique edge. Feel free to hang masks or sculpted wall arts, if paintings are not your thing.

So arm your kitchen with the smart accessories we discussed here, and watch it go from ordinary to wow! Here’s another ideabook to inspire you further - 8 fabulous kitchen ideas that will stun you!

Which essentials do you already have? Let us know in the comments!

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