7 entrances that make your home the envy of the neighborhood

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Ever heard the phrase 'it's important to make a good entrance?' The entrance to a home can be as subtle or as spectacular as you make it. How you choose to turn the heads of the neighbors is up to you, but you will be more than inspired by these stunning facades. The designers have certainly catered for a diversity of personal styles.

Whilst the entrance to the home should function in a practical way (by being secure and well-lit in the case of those late night farewells), it is also a suggestion of what is to come. There are many ways in which to make an entrance on any street and we will see that the surroundings of a home are just as important as the doorway. 

 Let's take a look at these enticing 7 ideas. 

Modern and stylish

A doorway like this one is definitely not lacking in charm. A quaint home with very simple blue and white hues, further softened by the potted plants and flowers and the small welcome step is sure to delight the owner and the passer-by. 

Artistic flair

This creative entrance certainly does not leave much up to the imagination. With the hot pink wall and the sculpture opposite, you are left curious if what is inside the house is as exciting as what is on the outside. The use of glass around the door frame creates a truly spectacular entrance. 

Attention seeker

This is a perfect example of how the use of vivid color coupled with a decorative wall of mosaic tiles can make your dwelling grab the attention of the passer-by. Intense colors mimicking those of a contemporary artwork is surely to make your home an original. 

A balanced passageway

The entrance to this home is not immediately obvious, but rather, it is arranged like a passageway in which the guest is encouraged to linger and admire the zen garden and the minimalist features. The passageway to the house is a journey towards a balanced perspective. 

Revolving door

This revolving door makes a dramatic entrance—solely made from wood that works like a puzzle-piece fitting perfectly into its frame. It encourages you to push forward to see what is behind, creating a very inviting almost playful mood. 

A contrasting gateway

The use of contrasting materials like as gray tiles and brick, make this facade definitely something to look at. Designed with a minimalist mindset, the entrance gives the impression of something simple yet spectacular. The walkway matches the facade of the home, positioning the door at the end of the gateway. 

Sculpture door

One way to enhance the entry of a home is by making it into an artwork. This door resembles an illuminated sculpture. As it opens, it unlatches from its frame like a jigsaw puzzle.  Uncommon and original, it is sure to stand out on any street. 

Front doors can be more than just functional. Would you consider changing your front door to something extraordinary?

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