10 creative ways to brighten up a dark home

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If you've just moved into a new home or if you are thinking about revamping your current home because you realize that you could do with more light, then keep reading! 

There could be a number of reasons why your home needs more light; the obvious answer is that you're perhaps lacking good illumination or that certain areas of your home do not get any natural light at all. Here at homify, we've put together 10 ways in which you can brighten up a dark home, and believe us, they are not all related to changing your lighting system! 

The interior designer and decorator teams behind some of these projects had amazing ideas when it came to making dim spaces luminous. Ready to lighten up? Then read on!

1. Vivid kitchen

The use of vivid colors for the elements has made this kitchen stand out—irrespective of how many lights are on!

2. Ode to a skylight

 The designers celebrate light by placing a skylight into the roof of this attic bathroom, and wow—what a difference! Can you imagine what it would have looked like without natural light coming in? 

3. Choose metal fibres

When you choose a material such as copper, bronze, stainless steel or silver in a raw space such as this bathroom, built out of stone and sleepers, the two materials compliment one other to create a new kind of brilliance. 

4. It's all about the shine

If you choose reflective surfaces that are smooth and glossy, you are sure to create a reflective shine when the lights are on in your home. The good thing is that you don't need many lights to catch the reflection. The elements will speak for themselves.

5. The spaceship lights

Choosing kitchen elements with an 'under-glow' effect is a great way to brighten up a dark kitchen and to also give your kitchen cupboards a radiant glow. 

6. The power of white

If your kitchen is positioned in a spot where no natural light can reach it, choosing a light monochromatic kitchen could be the answer to your light problems. Coupled with a suitable choice of lighting—it will always look bright, fresh and well lit. 

7. Lights inside marble

There is no better way to illuminate marble than by choosing a light color variety—but the placement of lighting inside the actual bathroom wall itself is an amazing idea to create even more radiance. 

8. It's all in the bulbs

If your eating area could use some extra light, why not choose over-hanging lights which are subtle yet character-filled? These gorgeous Nordic-style pendant lights are a perfect example.

9. Get your neon on

Rather than choosing plain lighting for your study, you can find lights that match the mood of the room such as this motivational neon message on the wall.

10. The right positioning

With the right positioning of downlights and by choosing those which are embedded in the shelving, you automatically create a space which is visually enhanced and decorative. 

Is your home a bit on the dark side? Let us know which of these ideas inspired you the most!

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