​Partition Your Bedroom in These 9 Clever Ways

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Partitions can be a very useful and functional way to create a little extra privacy in a bedroom. So how do you create one without hampering the aesthetics or functional aspects of such a space? If you are thinking of a wall, then think again! Partitions can be created with curtains, screens, shelves, cabinets and a whole swathe of other options. So check out the nine cool ideas we've compiled here, and get inspired to insert some partitions into your home!

​Paint it stylishly

Like shown in this picture, the portion of the room reserved for the bed can be painted in contrast to the rest of the room, and the latter may feature a different wall texture too. Creative lighting can enhance the appearance of the room and can make a great style statement.

​A smart layout can do wonders

If the bedroom opens out to a public part of the house, off the kitchen or the living room, a headboard like the one shown here is a great option for creating a visual barrier between the bed and the door.

​A four-poster bed with drapes

A four-poster bed is an easier way to create privacy in a bedroom by separating it from the rest of the room in an elegant manner. Adorn it with suitable fabrics in coordinating colours or solid drapes that go well with the colour of the room, and create a stunning effect.,

​Create a partition with a wardrobe

This is a functional partition that also looks elegant. This works well especially if storage options in the bedroom are minimal. A nice wooden partition that also doubles as a wardrobe is a great addition in this bedroom, since it also keeps clutter at bay. The grey tone of the partition also adds visual interest to the white and wooden room.

​Platform bed with storage

Creating a wooden partition and a platform can help create a compact but private space for a bed. The height of the platform can be used for extra storage and also to create extra seating space in the small room. This quirky but smart bedroom was designed by the architects at IK Architects.

​Bring in a dressing niche

A wooden partition equipped with a dresser looks elegant in this compact bedroom. It doubles up as a hidden dressing room and provides privacy at the same time. The bedroom looks cosy and is also extremely functional this way.

​Trendy shapes to the rescue

A creative partition as shown here can infuse your bedroom with a modern and trendy touch. It adds subtle privacy and also provides a bit of decorative element in the room. The white partition adds brightness to the sober walls and the wooden floor, and blends well with the overall décor of the room.

​Spot the bedroom here

It is hard to spot the bedroom in this picture as it is cleverly tucked away behind the kitchen and perched upon the bank of sleek cabinets. Strips of wood provide the required privacy for this compact but cosy bedroom which can be reached by climbing the stairs on the left. It also makes for an elegant partition, while sufficient lighting also enhances the otherwise tiny space.

Say it with glass and class

Clear sheets of glass have taken the concept of bedroom partition to a whole new level in this cosy attic. Paired with the rich wooden ceiling and earthy bedding, the glass lends an industrial chic look to the bedroom too.

The ideas above show that a little bit creativity can go a long way in creating stylish partitions for bedrooms, which can offer privacy, storage, and even a decorative touch if you so wish. Check out another story which might be useful: 10 ingenious storage solutions for your tiny bathroom!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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