Before and after: from drab to divine!

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디자인세븐 Industrial style dining room
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Korean interior designers and decorators Design Seven were tasked with renovating an old apartment—a challenge that they rose to with creativity and style!

Today we are going to witness an incredible transformation as an old, run-down apartment becomes a modern space that will leave most green with envy.

Let's take a look at this impressive before and after!

Before: dull and old-fashioned

If we head into the living space of this old apartment, we can see just how old-fashioned and unattractive it is. There are old, yellowing floors, '70s-style dark wooden finishes and a kitchen in the background that looks like it comes straight out of an antique book!

The lighting in this space is also all wrong, which means that the apartment looks very dark and dingy. The interior design does nothing to make this space seem bigger or brighter.

Before: a truly grim bathroom

The bathroom in this old apartment is simply unbearable! Not only is it old-fashioned and drab, but it looks very dirty. The walls are grubby and the sink and toilet don't seem very hygienic. 

Can you imagine relaxing in a hot bath in this space? We don't think so!

Before: literally falling apart

In this area of the house, we can see just what a state of disrepair this home is in. There are pipes and pieces of material all over the place. The old olive green flooring is very dusty, showing that it hasn't been cared for in some time. 

Yet, we can also see a glimmer of potential here, thanks to the natural light that is streaming into the space.

Let's see what the designers did with it!

After: modern, light and bright

These professionals are experts for a reason!

The home looks completely refreshed and brand new, thanks to the renovation of the flooring, walls and ceiling. The old wooden floors have been replaced with stylish and earthy tiles that are modern as well as durable.

An industrial twist has been added to this space in the form of a raw-face brick wall, which is enhanced by the clean white walls. 

We can see how light and spacious this home seems now thanks to the light, neutral colors as well as the utilization of the natural light. The ceilings have also been replaced, offering gorgeous dimming lights to the home, which add a beautiful soft glow. There is nothing dark or dingy about this modern space. 

After: refreshing bedrooms

If we head into the renovated bedrooms in the home, we can see how gorgeous they are!

The floors are a homely and warm honey-color, while the walls are a soft grey color. At the top of the walls, the designers have introduced a dark navy color to the space, which is striking and effective. Do you see what a difference a fresh coat of paint can make?

Remember that bedroom lighting is key to a good space. Your bedroom should feel like a tranquil haven where you can escape from the rest of the world and a lot of this comes down to lighting. If you have bright neon lights that make you feel like you are under a spotlight every time you walk into your little haven, it won't feel that comfortable. Invest in soft ceiling lights like this one as well as lamps, lanterns or candles. 

Another good bedroom tip is to invest in smart storage space, especially if the bedroom is small. Too many items in the bedroom will make it seem cluttered and crowded so be sure to store extra bits and bobs neatly out of sight.

For more tips, have a look at these secrets to a cozy bedroom.

After: the modern and sleek bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most dramatic changes in the house, however. Look at how modern and spacious it seems now! 

A bathroom should be as important in terms of decor as the other rooms in your house. Think about how much time you spend in here!

Opt for neutral colors, such as white, grey and black. Pair with some wooden elements and you have the perfect tranquil bathroom that is as appealing as it is functional.

You'll notice in this bathroom that the designers have replaced the old bath with a chic and modern shower. If your space is limited in your bathroom, this is a great tip! Look at how much more room there is now. 

Have a look at these brilliant, beautiful bathroom trends for more ideas!

What do you think of this before and after? Are you a fan of that gorgeous bathroom?

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