​How to use the space under your stairs in 12 brilliant ways

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Most homeowners usually overlook the space under the stairs, when they are organizing their interiors.  It is more often than not considered as an empty space that has no value. But they couldn’t be more wrong. 

There are so many ways in which you can put this space to good use. Turn it into a structured storage unit, create a cozy workspace, fit in a bar or more. Take a look at the clever ideas discussed here, to turn your staircase into something which can do more than take you upstairs or downstairs.

​How about a wardrobe?

Small apartments usually struggle with a lack of space. And often, when you try fitting in a large closet inside your bedroom, there is hardly any space left for you to move about. 

Instead of battling with this dilemma, use the area under the stairs to create a closet with pull out drawers. Equip these drawers with rods or shelves to make them more organisation-friendly. This way, you can keep your bedroom spacious, and have a neat and adequate closet too.

For the sake of refreshment

The space under the stairs is the perfect size for an open bar, as long as you get the size of the bar right. Not only does it look stylish, but when the bar is in bright hues, it also makes entertaining easy and fun. 

A bar is best suited for open staircases, since the area below is not completely dark or cut off.

Go for a creative workspace

If you work from home on occasions, you probably want a nook for yourself. Having a large home office is not always possible; therefore, make the most of the area under the stairs

A small table preferably with a bit of storage space, wide enough to place all your stuff, a chair and a lamp should do the trick.

Take interior gardening to new heights

Don’t have enough space for a traditional garden at your home or apartment? Create a Zen style garden under the stairs with lush plants, large outdoor lamps and white pebbles. This will create an aura of relaxation in your home, and lend an organic and lively touch to the staircase. 

This particular garden was designed by HC Interiores, interior landscape designers from Sao Joao da Madeira.

A bathroom for guests

Smaller apartment or homes have one or two bathrooms that might not be accessible to guests. So the space under the staircase is perfect for a mini bathroom that your guests can use, as shown here. It will be convenient for them and for you as well.

​Good news for bookworms

Hello bookworms, this one is for you. Turn the space under the stairs into shelves (built-in works better), and arrange all your books in them. 

This will not only make finding the book you want easier for you, but will also add a quirky touch to the decor of your abode.

​More storage space than ever

Under Stairs Storage, buss buss Modern Corridor, Hallway and Staircase Storage

Where do you store all your extra clothes, shoes, bags and linen? Probably not under the stairs. 

Apart from using it as a closet, the space below the stairs can be used as a storage space for extra linen, off season clothes and just about anything you can think of. It is also ideal for stashing away those items which you plan to give away, but have not yet been able to!

​A wall like none other

Don’t want to go the conventional way? Well, then this one is the right idea for you to recreate in your home. 

Set up an expansive and illuminated shelving unit which extends both above and below your staircase. And then let your designer work his or her magic to create a feature wall behind the stairs.

​Create a cosy nook

Are you having trouble seating all your guests in the living area? Add a sofa, a couple of comfy cushions and a side table to the space under your staircase. It will act as an extension of the living area, and stand out as a unique feature of your home.

Space for potted greens

If you don’t want to do much with your under-stairs space, place a few large pots with indoor greens beneath the stairs. Leafy plants such as ferns will work perfectly for this kind of décor.

​Stick with minimalism

Sometimes, nothing is everything. Leave the space under the stairs as it is. 

Let it stay integrated with the rest of your interior, and allow your home to look a little bigger than it is. You can add a bold or patterned rug under the staircase to liven things up.

​Study or work in peace

Create a cubicle or home office for yourself, with the space available under your stairs. All you need is a set of shelves, a sturdy table, and a chair. The result will be extremely functional and aesthetically pleasing too. You can also convert this space into a play area for your kids, by fitting it with shelves or cabinets for storing toys and some plush furnishing.

Feeling inspired by the tips shared above? Why wait then? Get started with the idea that caught your eye the most. You can also consult an interior architect or interior designer if you feel you need their guidance. Here’s another story to set your creative juices flowing – 6 great ideas for small patios!

Which of these ideas was your favourite? Let us know in the comments section!

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