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There is a very good reason why the minimalist style is one of the most popular when it comes to architecture and design. Because, out of all the other styles out there (modern, rustic, colonial, etc.), minimalism is the one that most successfully portrays a clean and calm ambience. 

The minimalist design can be described as design at its most basic, where no superfluous elements and overt shapes and colours are taking up unnecessary space. It has a pure purpose to make its content stand out and become the focal point of the space. Therefore, from a visual standpoint, the minimalist style was created in order to calm and take us back to basics.

But whether or not you fancy this particular style, you can’t deny the simple and stunning appeal that our homify 360° discovery for today flaunts…

A sober vision

Feast your eyes on that facade: nothing whatsoever to clutter the space or divert our attention from the topic at hand – just a clean and straightforward structure that flaunts its presence with expert precision. 

Very elegant in its appearance, and light years away from ‘boring’ or ‘dull’, this straightforward structure is raw and natural about its look.

Open and welcoming

The gap that’s been expertly placed in the middle of the front facade is where we locate the main entrance. Here is where concrete, wood, and glass combine to conjure up an open surface that is most tranquil, yet also insightful as it allows us to see into the interior spaces. 

Don’t overlook that gorgeous skylight directly above the front door, making for a clear yet sheltered area to wait while awaiting the host to bid you welcome.

A spot of garden

They say the minimalist style is all about ‘less is more’ – then how does this little spot of indoor garden grab you, delightfully adding just a dash of greenery to the interiors? 

Located inside a crystal-clear glass cube, this touch of interior landscaping ensures a clever contrast with the surrounding neutral tones and man-made materials, while firmly linking up with the garden and lawn which can be seen out back.

Elegance all around

There is just something magical about pale neutral tones, especially when combined with a warm wooden floor and a flooding of natural lighting, making the space appear more visually spacious. 

Here we can see that ‘comfort’ and ‘sophistication’ where the keywords in mind when the homeowners picked out the décor and furniture pieces. An elegant L-shaped couch allows for a plush seating spot to enjoy both the interior ambience as well as the exterior views. 

And how fantastically do those round ceiling lights contrast with the rectangle- and cubic shaped features of the room?

Working the open-plan layout

An open-plan design is all fine if you want your rooms to flow seamlessly into one another, yet sometimes one does want a hint of a divider to ever so slightly announce the end of one area and the start of another. 

A portion of wall, which also functions as a bookcase and display area, very subtly divides the living room with the dining space, while that sandy-toned timber makes sure they are visually linked up.

A combination of clean shapes

Notice that the minimalist style can be found in the furniture pieces themselves. The dining room and kitchen, when thinking about it, is only a combination of some shapes and objects (a square dining table, a rectangular kitchen island, etc.), yet it’s all done so perfectly clean and stylish that it looks most welcoming. 

And how superbly does the white colour palette help along the incoming flood of natural lighting, aiding that glow in delightfully bouncing from surface to surface to ensure a well-lit interior?

A soothing sleeping spot

The same sober charm and style that adorns the open-plan layout continues in the private areas of the house, as can be seen here in the bedroom. White tones, a touch of warm neutrals, and simple shapes and surfaces make up the resting space most pleasantly.

And to add just a dash of texture, two fluffy scatter cushions were added to the bed.

The subtle yet stylish back yard

Since the clean and calm (a.k.a. minimalist) look worked so well for the front facade and interiors, they decided to use it for the back yard. Wise choice indeed, for this terrace with pool and exterior dining area could not be any more beautiful or breathtaking. 

If the ‘less is more’ look works for you, you might be interested in the Scandinavian style as well. Take a look how to: Style Your Home Like A Scandinavian.

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