Home office: 9 clever tips for a better organization

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An organised workspace is always important for ensuring optimum productivity when you are working from home. Otherwise, domestic distractions combined with office clutter can leave you dazed and devoid of energy or enthusiasm. The trick to organising your workspace efficiently is to allocate space for all the stuff you require and then put things back in their place after the work is over. Decluttering your home office can improve its overall appearance too, and make it possible for you to work peacefully and methodically.

If you want to find smart solutions to help declutter your home office, read on for some inspiration!

1. ​A paper filing system is a must

Paper is one item that is used extensively when working and it is also the item that gets accumulated and adds to your clutter. The best way to organise papers is to invest in storage boxes that can help file them neatly and keep them within easy reach. Also, don't forget to label the boxes for easy recognition. 

2. ​A clever idea for books and magazines

Most of us love to hoard favourite magazines and books and hesitate to throw them away. But there are a few ways to get easy access to magazines, without adding them to the mess. If you have spare shelving, magazines and books can be stacked there. Another novel idea would be to hang them on a spare wall with hangers in order to access them quickly.

​3. Clean up every day

Once the work day is over, it is important to be disciplined and have a daily routine of cleaning up. Putting away things in their allocated spots will go a long way towards keeping clutter off your desk.

​4. Inspiring decor for the wall

Creating a cool home office with sufficient storage space and an elegant look will surely enhance productivity. Inspiring art, as shown here, can be put on the wall, leaving you a clutter-free workspace too.

​5. Make the most of wall storage

Creating storage space using spare walls can help with decluttering your desk. This picture provides a good example of how wall space can transform a home office into an elegant and neat work area. This bright and cosy home office was designed by the architects at ZR Architects from Brussels.

6. ​Organisation is key

Organising and categorising the books, CDs, DVDs and other random stuff in your office space is the best way to keep it clutter-free. You can also arrange books and journals in alphabetical order, so that you can find them easily when you want.

​7. Go for proper lighting

A well-lit workspace will eliminate any existing dark corners and therefore help to reduce confusing clutter. Task lights will ensure the sufficient amount of illumination you need to get your work done.

8. ​Chalkboard wall for your thoughts

Many people have the habit of using post-it notes as a reminder for tasks. Sometimes these notes fill up the desk and add to the already messy look. Using a chalkboard wall will solve this problem and also minimise the use of post-it notes making the desk look neat and tidy.

​9. The magic of overhead storage

Cupboards or cabinets above the desk can also help avoid mess. Files and folders can be kept stacked in these cupboards. A desk with storage attached can also help in housing files and stationery items.

We hope you found the above ideas useful and convenient. Use them to give your home office a clean and tidy makeover which pleases the eye and feeds creativity! Here are some more tips that might interest you: 9 easy ways to decorate with dark colors

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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