9 creative balcony decoration ideas

Leigh Leigh
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Your balcony, no matter how big or small, is a space for you to step outside, enjoy the fresh air or the sunlight, regroup, meditate, do yoga, read your book or entertain friends. Its function is purely up to you!

Yet often this space is wasted or overlooked as we aren't sure what exactly to do with it. Not to fear, however! Today at homify, we are going to give you 9 great balcony decoration ideas that will show you how transform a simple exterior space into an extension of your dream home.

You'll never want to step foot inside again!

1. Wasted space

Outdoor balcony and terrace at Chester Street House Nash Baker Architects Ltd Patios & Decks
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

Outdoor balcony and terrace at Chester Street House

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

Often there are little nooks and crannies outside that we can utilize as a balcony or leisure spot, but they get overlooked. In this image, we can see how the designers have used the landing of a staircase to create a little seating area where residents can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. This is the perfect example of how you don't need a very big space to create a beautiful outdoor spot. 

Add a small table and two chairs and you have the ideal seating area for sunbathing, reading a book or sharing a morning cup of coffee with your partner as the sun rises. 

2. Catch some shade

Place a cover over your balcony in the form of a shade cloth or a more permanent structure and you'll be able to enjoy this area no matter what the weather outside.

Have a look at these: 10 fantastic awnings for balconies and terraces.

3. Create a barbeque area

If your balcony is large enough, utilize it for some outdoor cooking, which will be a pleasure in the summer months. Install an outdoor barbeque as well as some comfortable balcony furniture where you can dine with friends. 

How incredible will it be to enjoy a meal under the stars?

4. Get cozy

​The roof terrace at the Chelsea House. Nash Baker Architects Ltd Patios & Decks
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

​The roof terrace at the Chelsea House.

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

If you aren't satisfied with just using your balcony in summer, install a modern and magnificent fireplace on your balcony, which doesn't take up too much space. Here you can roast sweets, swap ghost stories and get cozy, even in the coldest of months. 

A fireplace will also beautifully enhance this space design wise.

5. Lights, camera, action!

Balcony lighting is incredibly important for the design of this space, illuminating decor pieces and elements as well as forming a functional element, allowing you to see what you are doing if you use this space at night.

In this design, by professionals Paul Newman Landscapes, we can see how the designers have included very beautiful and intricate lanterns on the balcony, which not only provide light but also act as a decor element in themselves. 

6. An outdoor living room

If you've got the space, utilize your balcony for an outdoor living room, with very comfortable and cushy furniture. This will create a more relaxing space where you can enjoy a book or an afternoon nap in the sun, as well as a more formal space where you can host cocktail parties or get together.

Tip: Opt for durable furniture that is going to last in the outdoors. Pack any cushions or blankets away neatly when you aren't using this space so that they don't get damaged.

7. Make the most of the view

Apart from being outside where you can enjoy the nature that surrounds your home, a balcony is usually elevated, giving you perfect views of the city or landscape around you. 

Ensure that you maximize this by opting for furniture that faces the most attractive part of the views.

8. Astroturf

If you don't have a garden in your home, why not put down some astroturf as well as some plants and flowers to create a green belt right on your balcony?

This is very simple to do and brings a breath of fresh air to any home. You can choose colorful pots for your favorite plants and flowers, illuminating the role that nature plays in your home design. 

Add some cushions to the floor and everyday will feel like a picnic. 

9. Use the rooftop

If you don't have a balcony, never fear. You can use the rooftop of your home!

Simply place an adequate foundation down on your roof and get to work installing durable furniture, pot plants, flowers and possibly even a swimming pool. Not only will you have the perfect alternative to a balcony, but you'll have views of the city for miles!

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Which decor is your favorite for your balcony?

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